Module 7 Forum Discussions & Assessment Questions

Forum Discussion Questions

Every Algorithm Has a POV

It was interesting reading your three takeaways.  It would be wise to pay attention to this topic in the years to come.  I just attended a program titled Artificial Intelligence and Implicit Bias and the  speakers were from Westlaw Edge, Casetext, and an Information School at San Jose State University.

U.S. v. Jones  Are the West synopsis and the headnote highlighed in U.S. v.  Jones correct?  Explain why or why not.

Most of you realized that the headnote and the synopsis were incorrect when they indicated that the card was sent to the daughter rather than to the daughter’s father-in law.   If you read the opinion would have noticed the error.  This is a reminder that you always must read and analyze the opinions for yourself.

Also, remember when you are using headnotes, you can quickly go to the part of the opinion which discussed the headnote by finding the bracketed number of the headnote.  This means that you could have skimmed for [4] in the opinion since you were reading headnote 4.

Assessment Questions

The two questions I would like to highlight are:

You can Shepardize  and KeyCite Court rules.  The answer is YES.

If you are doing statutory research, can KeyCite and Shepard’s reports identify new or pending legislation?  The answer is YES.

It looks like the answer to this question may be changing at least for one element of this question -” KeyCite and Shepard’s may not catch cases or legislation indirectly overruling a case.”  See the recording titled New Legal Research Tools in Module,