Module 8 Forum Discussions & CALI Lesson

Forum Discussions

After reading the articles published by the NYT and WSJ, discuss their similarities and differences. Think about where you find news now and consider if you might want to add sources once you know where you will be working.   

Most of you in your discussions focused on the nuances in the focus of the articles.  Some mentioned that the Wall Street Journal’s audience was probably more the business and financial communities which could make a difference on  how the WSJ approached the article.   Most of you noted that one cannot depend upon one source for all your news and that it would be wise to read broadly.  A number of newspapers and other media sources and including roundups of stories in other media sources.

Go to U.S. Law Week on Bloomberg Law.  Describe how it is organized and its content. How would you use it in your practice, etc., if you had access?

U.S. Law Week would be a very useful daily read if it you had access.  You can keep yourself up to date of what is happening in cases across the country.  Get the alerts while you are in law school

CALI Lesson

This was a matching question which I thought would be useful for you to review.

A is newsletters

B is Repositories   Go to the Library’s web page to find our Institutional Repository.

C is Blogs

D is loose-leaf service

Frequently-updated websites in which readers can often participate by commenting on entries.
Publications updated frequently with new pages for inter-filing (in print format) or online (in electronic format).
Publications issued at regular intervals, generally devoted to a narrow topic of interest to subscribers.
Electronic libraries of working papers and pre-publication articles.