Assessment Questions – Statutes

Hi all,

Annotated include more that statutes.  It also includes cases that have discussed the statute, secondary sources that have cited the statute,  the history of the statute, including amendments, and other resources.  Annotated Statutes are in a sense – one-stop shopping.  You can find the statute, cases, and secondary sources all in one package.  Be sure when you are using Lexis and Westlaw you know where to find the cases, secondary sources, etc.  When you are using Westlaw, be sure to use the Notes of Decisions.  The Notes of Decisions are important because they are summaries of important cases interpreting the statute.  All of the features of the annotated statutes are in both the print and online formats.

You can KeyCite and Shepardize the statutes.  Again, be sure to use KeyCite and Shepard’s when you are researching statutes.

The last assessment question dealt with the currency and versions of the statute.  Always be sure that you know the currency of the statute that you are using.  You need to be sure that it is current through the last legislative session,  However, if you were dealing with a matter that happened in 2015,  you may need to use the statutes that were in effect in 2015.  If so, then you need to find and use the 2015 version of the statute.  Also, when you are using KeyCite and Shepardize remember that the statute may have changed over the years and be alert so that you are using information that is dealing with the appropriate version.

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